Rabens Saloner | Scarf Merete - Charcoal Combo

Art.nr. 04105

Arizona large scarf

Charcoal combo

Featuring our hand-dyed arizona tie dye print, this scarf is one that stands out.

The arizona large scarf is, as the name applies, large and has multiple using opportunities. Drape it casually around your neck or over your shoulders, put it in your hair or tie it into a bag and use it as a totebag.

The tie dye scarf is made by hand in Indonesia. All our tie dye is undertaken by hand using the human eye as a guide. This way every piece is unique and makes your new style one of kind. Strong craftsmanship is key and reflect not only a long history of skill but also a true working relationship based on mutual respect and creativity.

Composition: 100% viscose

Onesize / Squared design

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